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I hope this doesn't sound like an infomercial but since I have no salary and Yogis Anonymous didn't pay me a dime I don't mind bragging about them without any ethics concerns.  I had a great conversation with the people at YA the other day and it went something like this.  Me:Do you want to help Yoga For Vets?  Them: Of course.

Yogis Anonymous is a website that streams live yoga classes from their studio in California.  They are offering free 3 month web access to all of their classes both live and recorded to all U.S. war vets.  The really cool part is if you are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan and have Internet access, you can view and follow a live yoga class where you are.  That means if you need a meditation class to help relax, you got it.  A tough class to work your muscles?  You can find it at all at YA.   See more about our friends by clicking on the Resources tab on our website.

In other news, I had a Iraq war vet take a class at my studio the other day.  She casually said she was only on bases during her deployments.  "Only on bases" is what stood out to me. As if random mortar attacks and suicide bomber threats don't count as much as a person on foot patrol or secret missions.  To me, she is just as much as a war vet as anyone who deployed. I'm happy to say that she took the free class (her first yoga class) and thought it was great.


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  • Arnie Welber
    Arnie Welber
    19 May 2011 at 01:36 |


  • Kanani Fong
    19 May 2011 at 03:43 |

    That's really cool. I will have to check them out.

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