Rant and Rave!

Haha.  Did that title get your attention?  Of course I am not going to rant.  It is not my style...anymore.  Well, okay, a small rant.  I hate when yoga teachers tell me, I just found out about you.  The reason this is bad is because that means there must be combat vets who don't know about us either, not to mention we have been around for a while.   Vets who might want to take free yoga might not even know we exist.  Oh well, eventually, the whole United States will know that free yoga is available to our combat vets.  Until, then I will need help from you to spread the word about us.  Here are my top three suggestions to easily spread the word about Yoga For Vets:

1)Facebook. tell 20 or 2000 of your closest friends about Yoga For Vets and our FB page www.facebook.com/yogaforvets

2)Call your Aunt or Uncle.  Most family members know at least one combat vet.  Ask them if they know about Yoga For Vets and direct them to our site.

3)Email your Ashram.  Okay, this applies only to  yoga teachers.  Email the friends you graduated with and and tell them you support Yoga For Vets and ask them if they will too.

Now the the Rave part of this entry.  We are growing!!  I  just had a studio in New York City sign up and last week a yoga teacher extended a generous offer to help.  She is listed on our site and she will help me organize and promote an upcoming fundraiser. She also agreed to be a guest blog writer and her entry will be posted here soon.

Have a great day everyone.  If you see a vet, tell them Welcome Home for me.



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