No problems Mon.

Finally learned how to make a blog entry on our new website.  Bryce over at Fresh Ink has been patient and helpful as I make the transition from the old, tired  website to this new and high speed website.  I expected a few glitches but so far, no major problems.  This has been the theme since I started Yoga For Vets.   When there is a problem, it gets small very quickly.  I emphasised when there is a problem because so far, this grassroots project has had very few negative issues.  I hope that vibe is felt by our vets.  If they do have big issues, I want Yoga For Vets to help make them smaller.  As our testimonials from war vets point out, yoga can help some really big problems.  However, I am always very quick to point out to skeptical war vets that yoga isnt a magic pill that brings happiness, health and joy...but it might.  Seriously, as our organization grows and more vets experience yoga for themselves, I hope yoga teachers and our vets will visit Yoga for Vets for information and inspiration.  They are all but certain to experience no problem Mon.

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