Thank you Connected Warriors

Yoga For Vets is getting a lot of new teachers sign up to offer 4 or more free yoga classes lately. So many that I estimate we will top 400 different locations and teachers before the end of 2011. This blog post mentions Connected Warriors with good reason. While they are not officially partners with Yoga For Vets, the teachers who get certified by Connected Warriors are offering free yoga to vets also and because of that, we list their names and locations. I am pointing them out because they reflect a trend in the right direction by the yoga community. One of our goals is to get the entire yoga community to offer at least 4 free classes to our vets. Connected Warriors is helping to make that happen and I wanted to use this blog to personally tell them thanks and how grateful I am for their service to our deserving military. You can see their link under the resource section of our website as well as other great organizations who help our vets with free yoga.

Please dont think this is a time to sing Kumbaya or give Hooaahs because we have a long way to go. In fact when I recently posted an artlcle on our Facebook page which mentioned a Marine drawdown in Afghanistan starting in 2012 a military spouse quickly posted a response that tersely said: Now our work really begins. That comment reminded me that like a marathon runner who doesn’t run fastest in the beginning of the race, neither should we. Yoga For Vets is handled by me and only a few other people who lend their advice when they have an opportunity so sometimes the pace of our growth seems slow to me. However, I expect this organization to keep going for a long time so that someday when we are no longer at war EVERY vet who wants to take free yoga knows where and when the next class is. Seems simple, just like a troop drawndown. Shanti (Peace), Paul

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