A combat vet with PTSD contacted me recently.

  I recently received an e-mail from a combat vet with PTSD.  He wanted to make sure that the yoga locations who haven't had a single vet ask for free classes not to worry.  Using himself as an example, he said that his PTSD made it very hard to go into a room full of strangers and especially a new environment like a yoga studio.  He thinks that over time, more vets will ask for yoga as their symptoms become more manageble.  He also gave me a big Thank You to the yoga community.  It was really a "wow" moment for me because although I served 5 years in the Navy I dont have any  combat experince or PTSD.  I never considered being in a room full of strangers as a reason that a vet wouldn't  take free yoga.  I've heard the typical ignorant comments like yoga is just stretching or it is for girls.  This recent vet opened up a new scenario to me.  He asked that I mention this in the blog so that yoga teachers wont get discouraged.  Typical combat vet, thinking of others before himself.  So, there you go, the yoga teacher (myself) became the student.  As long as there are war vets I want Yoga For Vets to be around so when a combat vet with PTSD decides that he or she is ready to take a yoga class, they will be able to find one on our website.

Shanti (Peace),


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