A call to arms.

This morning I checked my emails and Facebook and found that my friend who is a great writer and military wife Kanani Fong wrote in her blog about Yoga For Vets.  She quoted me as saying I want vets to have a good night sleep.  Well, this only tells a small part of the story.  I want vets to feel a warm "welcome home" that our Vietnam vets never felt didn't get from most of our Country.  There is also the healing side of yoga that I want all vets to feel: less stress, less anxiety and more fun and fitness.  In Kanani's blog she mentioned that some vets who survived combat are coming home and committing suicide.  I cant help but wonder if any of those vets tried yoga before.  I am not saying that yoga prevents suicide (although some yogi/vets have suggested otherwise). All vets should have the opportunity to try yoga where they live for free.  So yes, I want our vets to sleep better and yoga may help but there is more to Yoga For Vets than just a good night sleep.  I hope all combat vets will find out for themselves about yoga and decide for themselves what the benefits are.

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