Today begins a new chapter in the history of Yoga For Vets. We are launching our newly redesigned website. I am also beginning my new role as a blogger. Return here often as you will get to read the words of someone who is sometimes flying by the seat of his pants and sometimes focused and calm. I am trying to grow Yoga For Vets into an organization that every war vet and yoga studio knows exist. After more than 3 years in existence I know many war vets who have used our site to find free yoga classes near them. However, many more have told me "I didnt know something like this even existed." It is my goal to make sure that someday all war vets return and receive our welcome home gesture of providing 4 free yoga classes where they live. This is truely a grassroots effort and I rely on the support of strangers and friends alike to spread the work about our website to war vets and yoga teachers they know. Finally, the words I least like to say, "Donate to us if you can." It is needed very much at this pivital point in our journey.

Thank you for reading my blog. Subscribe or return often and leave a comment to cheer me on or say hi. 

Shanti (Peace), 


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  • Lisa Rahn
    Lisa Rahn
    05 June 2011 at 02:57 |

    Paul, I LOVE the new website! Great work from a local company - Fresh Ink. It does justice to a most noble cause. Hope it helps Yoga for Vets reach many more people!

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